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My 35 yr old red pine log home in far northern PA has always been maintained with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and turpentine. It appears to be ready for another coating, especially on the South facing wall. Should I continue this same mixture or a switch to a modern stain/product?


If you switch to another product you will need to strip the house and get it back to bare wood first. If you do I would recommend applying a borate treatment before you stain.

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Posted By Ken Schultz
I have a 30 year old cabin and for its entire life it has had a deck nearly flush against the bottom log course. I think this is causing too much splash back against that bottom course because those logs are starting to show more weathering than the same course logs adjacent to the deck. Those logs still look great (where there isnt any decking). Because of the site, I need the deck to access the cabin. I m thinking about removing the deck board closest to the cabin to stop the splash back. But, I dont want that ankle-breaking gap there. Is there some sort of perforated decking or grating available to help with this problem? Thanks for any help!!