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We have a lott of red oak on our property in Pa and would like to timber them to build our dream log home. Is red oak a good species for a log home? Do we need to treat the logs before staining? Are there problems we should be aware of using red oak? Any information would be appreciated.


You should borate treat the logs before staining. Oak is fine for a log home. We have worked on several of them. It is very hard though, and can be a challange to work with. Be sure to allow them to dry properly before staining.

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Posted By digger
we're building a log home from scratch. i have a bandsaw mill up to 20' logs. i have yellow poplar,red and white oak, hickory, sycamore and virginia pine.i want to use 8"D logs.if i use poplar for the shell,can i just leal the bark on the round part or should i mill down the outer sap wood? would t&g hickory be good for the exposed ceiling? how about the dry in place method? where do i look for plans that spell out how to use all the different trees i have for about a 1800 sq. ft. ranch? i have 1"-3" saplings that have a spiral twist in the do to vines. besides manually stripping the bark,how can i get the bark off, would like to use these for outside railing,how do i treat them to preserve?