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OOps!!! We painted our cabin with a oil based paint . Now Iam wondering how the heck I can seal my logs using a sealer with a mildeside and insecticide. Is there anything I can do? Should I go ahead and put the sealer on anyway We used chlorine mixed with water and applied with a back pack sprayer and rinsed it off with the hose to clean the logs did I screw up by cleaning my logs this way? Please give me some good advice.



You will need to get the paint of your logs in the near future. Over time it will start to cause surface rot and get worse. The bleach will not hurt if you did it on the paint. If you did it on bare wood you did screw up. I'm not sure what kind of sealer you are using, but you should save your money and work on getting the paint off.

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Posted By Maria
Is it necessary to add Twp(mildew sealer) as a coat before a coat of paint or just add mildeside to the paint. Are two coats of paint necessary or is one work just the same?