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I'm considering buying a Panabode log home with tongue and groove exterior, in a highly exposed location in the northwest. I've heard reports of high moisture levels in Panabode log homes in winter. Also problems with insufficient insulation between logs, admitting cold. Anything to this? Any research I can read? Thanks.


I am not familiar with this brand of log home.

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Posted By doug miller
I have a friend who has a Panabode he built 35 years ago in northern michigan. It is on an island, so he is not there in the coldest months. But it is pretty cold there in April and October and he is very pleased with it. He showed me a large, light mobile they have hanging in their front room which is literally 40 feet from the shore of Lake Huron (facing North) and said that even when the wind is howling, the mobile does not move. Finally, from what I have read about western red cedar, moisture should not be a problem. I can say that they have done nothing to the inside walls of their cabin in 35 years and they look beautiful and without any sign of staining etc. By the way, there are a couple of good Panabode websites and you could talk to them.
Posted By Carolyn Truesdell
I have owned a panabode log cabin for 22 years near Lake Tahoe. Temps get down to below zero often in the winter and I can keep the 1400 square foot cabin at 70 degrees with just a wood stove. It is often literally buried in snow during the winter with no moisture problems.And during the summer with 90 degree temps, it keeps very comfortable inside.
Posted By Trevor
I am too. A panabode log home in ALBERTA with tounge and groove exterior. I have tried the phone numbr and web address for TIMELESS WOOD CARE that the LOG DOCTOR prescribed and neither worked.
Posted By John
Pan abodes can be moisture monsters in PNW winters *IF* they aren't sealed properly. Be sure you don't just stain your logs, seal them. There's a lot of sealer products out there, find one that's designed for log homes, it'll be more flexible to move with the logs as temperature changes.
Posted By Barbara Aikens
We have Panabode, and no moisture problems, living in central Virginia - an area of very high humidity. Our climate is fairly mild in the winter, so I have no problems keeping the house warm. It is more difficult to keep cool in the summer! I read that red cedar has a much higher insulating value than some of the other woods, such as white pine.
Posted By dave
check the panabode website -
all the answers are there on the faq page