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The exterior Tamarack logs on our old cabin have a lot of cracks...some larger than others...the chinking seems to be ok...maybe lifted on the feathering edge a bit, but during heavy rains, I fear that rain is being driven into these cracks, both large and small. I may be all wet myself, but am wondering if concocting a wet cement and then sponging it over the logs...maybe jamming some extra cement into the larger cracks... does this idea have any change of working or should I slow down and me


LEAVE THEM OPEN! This is the logs way to breathe. You might have to fill larger "checks" that are running into a door, window or corner, and allowing wind, water or bugs to get inside. If you fill these checks (cracks), water will still get down behind the fill and cannot dry out fast enough and will cause log rot.

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Posted By Reuel
We ha ve a 20 year old scruibed log home. It has been chinked on the inside and not the outside. We are planning on chinking the exterior. The logs fit tight and the chink will be 3/8 to 1/2 inch wide. Should we use caulk or chinking? What name product do you recommend?
Posted By Robert Thrift
I appreciate this particular question because I have heard that if I did not fill the cracks in the logs that eventually, the logs would rot. It seems that you are saying the the logs should not be filled except for checks going into a corner or a door or window. Some of the checks are approximately 1/2" and I was wondering if perhaps there was some filler that would receive the stain and not make the logs look unsightly.