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Our log home will need restained soon. I hear cob blasting damages the wood. Would you recommend cob blasting or pressure wash the old stain. If it fails the water test, do I need to remove the stain first?


DO NOT power wash to remove old finish. It will drive the water too deep into the wood fiber it will never dry out properly. Corn cob blasting works great, but it needs to be Osborne brushed after. The blasting does not damage the wood if done correctly. It only needs to be stripped if it is faded badly or is peeling. If the color is still good and the adhesion is good everywhere, then just a LIGHT wash with Log Wash and a maintenance coat of the SAME stain is needed. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 if you have more questions.

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Posted By Shane Whittemore
Thanks for taking my Question. I am building a new Log home and stain color is very important to my wife and I. Olyimpic has a relativly new product called Olyimpic Elite Advance Woodland Oil stain. The color Kona Brown is what we have been looking for and really want but lacks some of the chemicals advertised in Log stains. The technical hot-line claims this product would work well with new log construction but quite frankly after speaking with them I did not get a warm fuzzy feeling. I would like your thoughts and recemendation on this issue.? Thanks again.