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We just bought a vintage 20's or 30's pine log home painted solid brown color. We wanted to corn blast it to the original wood but the guy we hired advised us not to. He power washed the logs and now we are waiting to apply the stain when the logs get dried. Our concern is: he suggested a solid stain to cover the original brown paint. He said he could not strip the paint to the bare wood because the logs are old and corn blasting would do a lot of damage to the logs since there is some



Corn blasting is the only way to go unless the old coating is real thick and then we would use sand to blast the finish off. Power washing is cancer to a log home. It drives the water so deep into the wood fiber it never really dries out properly unless you wait 3-4 months, and even then it is not completely dry deep in the wood. Corn blasting will clean your logs 10 times better than power washing and is a completely dry process.

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Posted By valerie keyser
I have a brand new log home that was not cleaned prior to application of the stain/sealant. There are literally approximately 100 marks consisting of dirt, mud, boot prints, and mildew under the stain. How can we remove the marks without getting a blotchy and uneven mess? The builder suggests spot-repairs, but there are too many spots to consider that. HELP!!!
Posted By Mitchell Harris
I have a log siding home that has the log siding bleeding alot. When I first purchased the home I used Behr primer to seal the bleeding & stained the siding with Behr stain in a dark brown color. Now going on 5 years it is bleeding through again! Is there anyway I can stop the bleeding or do I have to replace the siding? I believe it has spruce log siding. When the bleeding comes out of the log it is a light color.
Posted By Elizabeth
Glad to find this site! These log homes are gorgeous! I hope you can answer this question, it is regarding log siding, 2x8 spruce T&G. I am having a breezeway and garage added to my beautiful log home and am using the above siding for many reasons that I won't get into. With your expertise in log homes and siding, can you tell me whether house wrap is necessary (tyvek) before the siding is applied? I will be leaving some of the siding as is in the garage and other areas will have insulation and sheetrock. I really don't want to have to look at the house wrap. Isn't the siding nailed 16" on center, fiberglass insulation and sheetrock enough in the finished area? Thanks so much!