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We have a problem with boring bees in the Spring. Also,have a small problem with a woodpecker. How or what kind of control can we use for either?



The best way to stop the boring beetles is to apply a borate treatment to you house. Unfortunatley, the only way to apply it is on bare wood with no finish. As for the woodpeckers, hang a hard palstic owl on a couple corners of your home. Worked on my house really well!

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Posted By Charles
As far as the woodpeckers, I have the same problem, but a good dose of the good ole 12 ga shotgun works real good,when catch them on flight from the house, or where you can apply it to them without peppering up something!
Posted By Scott
You can kill Carpentar bees by mixing diatomaceous earth with Seven dust. Put it into a mustard bottle or similar and spray the dust into their holes then fill the holes with caulk. Gets them everytime.