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We purchased our log home less than a year ago. We have noticed that some of the rafters are black as well as some of the walls (knotty pine). Could this be mold? Is there a way to clean this such as bleach. Are most rafters stained to prevent this? If so, what type of stain is recommended? Thanks!


You could clean this with a mixture of one cup TSP & one cup bleach to 4-5 gallons of warm water. You should try rinsing with clean warm water also. It sounds like that you have an insulation problem and I do not think that staining or clear coating is going to help stop this problem.

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Posted By Sherry Stone
We purchased a new log home in 2007. There was a place on the wall that looked like someone had splattered oil, but did not clean it and went ahead and sealed it. Also, it looked like rain or water had seeped in around the electical box (maybe before the roof was installed). It has all been sealed, but it looks as though at the very bottom board the dark areas look worse. There is no moisture in this area and no water damage or leaks. What could this be?