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I built my Heritage home about 11 years ago. I have 8" round pine logs. Within the last 2 years I have been noticing very small 1/4 inch or less, bee/wasp looking critters( some black, some black and yellow) coming in and out of small very rounded holes, I see frass in some cases on my deck. My exterminator is clueless. I have found they look like Horned tailed wasps, which they say can bore into wood, cause no structural damage but the holes are unsightly. 4 years ago I power washed the logs an


The best way is going to be to strip the finish off the logs and apply a good borate treatment. Shell Guard is a good choice since it is a glycol based product that dries slowly allowing it to soak into the wood deeper. You should wait at least 2 weeks in good weather before appling any sort of finish. This product stops any wood digesting insects.

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Posted By greg davis
I have used bora-care in the past. These must be non digesting bugs/wasps. Is there any surface treatment to repell them such as CPF2D ( off the market now) which I have used mixed with my woodgaurd, but it was a few years ago.
Posted By Skye Medford
We have also noticed what we refer to as "borer bees" at our log home. We do not want to strip the finish from our logs. How can we get rid of these pests & keep them from making new holes?
Posted By Dorothy
I saw the question about the small wasps digging holes in the wood and you stated that a borate treatment was what worked. We had our house cornblasted and treated with borate and stained just last year. The wasps are still here and making new holes in new logs as well as the ones they previously had drilled. Was the treatment not effective? What do we do next?
Posted By Tony & Lise Costelo
I just started building a small log home ( 1100 sq ft ) and was wondering how much Shell guard would it take to treat the house ( 28 x 32 with 2 inside walls. -65 logs 8 " tips ) Thanks
Posted By Curt Payne
Most logs are 160 years old. Dad treated w/ copper naphthenate in 70's. Bottom floor is rock. Large overhangs keep logs dry. No stain. Only serious damage is 3 of dry rot to barge rafter. Will add Shell-Guard & replace mortar with Perma-Chink. Standard answer is remove stain, apply borate, re-stain. Am I missing something? Can I just spray with borate every few years & clean logs when necessary. Do you prefer Wood Renew or bleach & TSP (whatever that is) I would like to add chinking first.