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Top 5 Quick Tips for A Healthy Log Home

As a log home owner, you know how incredibly important it is to keep your cabin in tip top shape. Here are our top 5 log home maintenance quick tips for keeping your home in great condition for this generation and the next. A healthy log home is a happy log home.


Overhangs can provide protection for your log home even more so than proper regular maintenance. Think about the logs under your porch, they generally look the best out of all the logs on your home. This is because they are protected from the rain. Not having enough of an overhang around your home can cause stains to fail and can even cause logs to rot. It’s important that overhangs are at least 24″ wide (wider is better) and if they aren’t it would be wise to get a licensed contractor to extend them. If the overhangs aren’t sufficient, your log home remains in the splash zone when it rains. Consistent splashing on logs is a sure fire way to get log rot. Next time it rains, go outside and check out your splash zone.


Rain gutters are likely the most important piece to keeping your log home rot free. I can’t tell you how many logs we have replaced through the years because a gutter was neglected or missing altogether. As a gutter backs up, it forces the water to rush down the side of the log home. This constant stream of water, especially in wet climates, causes the logs to rot out very quickly. If you don’t do anything else, keep those gutters clean and working properly. While you are out checking that splash zone, walk around your house and make sure those gutters are looking good.

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Do you have raw logs on your home? A borate spray is a great choice for preserving the logs before you apply a stain. Borate usually comes in a powder that you mix with water. Applying borate can protect the wood from fungus and insects. Borate should be applied before the sealer or stain. If you have raw logs on your home, coming up with a plan to protect them will save you loads money and time down the road. If you want to look at some other Q&A’s about recommended products click here.


Always keep a quality stain, chinking and/or caulking on your log home when doing regular maintenance updates. This will ensure that you have the healthiest logs. Without this protection from sun, wind, rain and insects, you are inviting unwanted problems. Stay up to date with seasonal inspections so that you never have any surprised (and we don’t mean the good kind). For more Q&A’s about chinking and caulking click here, for Q&A’s about staining click here.


Shrubs and trees are such a wonderful addition to our homes’ aesthetic appeal. While we 100% agree, there are some rules to follow. Never allow any shrub, bush, tree, or vine to touch your log home. Having vegetation against your house will trap moisture and likely end in rotting logs. Keep the vegetation trimmed back to allow for air to circulate to keep those logs dry. Keep those garden clippers sharpened and those shrubs in check.

There are so many things to keep in mind for your home to stay in tip top condition, hopefully these top log home maintenance quick tips were helpful. A healthy log home is what we all want! Browse through our question and answer section to find answers to your burning log home maintenance questions. If you can’t find an answer to the questions you have, ask them! (ASK A LOG HOME QUESTION) We would love to help.

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