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11 Log Home Maintenance Myths You Should ”Not” Believe

Living in a log home comes with many advantages, from its warmth and beauty to the more basic convenience like being able to put up a picture on the wall without finding a stud. Maybe you really enjoy the idea of living in a log home but are worried to commit. Here we have busted the 11 most common log home maintenance myths.

MYTH # 1: All You Need to Use a Traditional Paint for Your Log House:

This is such a common log home misconception. 

Traditional house paint can make your log house prone to decaying as the paint traps moisture in the woods. That’s why you should use a dedicated log stain so that your logs can breathe and release moisture. 

Sure, buying a specific stain can cost you a bit more, but you will be glad to apply it less often, it will protect your logs in the long run. Besides, it will save you money as you don’t have to replace damaged logs that weren’t protected from water and other elements. 

MYTH # 2: It is ‘NOT’ Easy to Maintain a Log Home:

Contrary to the popular myth, maintaining a log home is not challenging as long as you take care of it and stay ahead of any problem. Regular inspection for insects, damage, and small problems that can often be conducted by the homeowner can help prevent repairs in the long run. 

MYTH # 3: Log Homes are Not Energy Efficient:

This is nothing but a false notion. Log homes, if built efficiently and well, can be ahead when it comes to eco-friendly living. 

First of all, they use natural materials that are safe for the environment. Besides, it produces less waste compared to the construction process of a conventional home. 

Secondly, log homes promote healthier indoor air quality as well as maintain humidity. They can hold heat longer and cool off rapidly, making them amazingly energy efficient. Log walls also help control humidity, minimizing the need for humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

MYTH # 4: Log Homes are Prone to Fire Breakout:

It is true that wood catches fire easily. Ironically, wood homes are much more resistant to fire than conventional homes. 

The structure, materials, and building techniques used to build a log home can ensure fire protection. For example, the huge mass of the logs helps them resist the fire. Trees burn easily because they contain small branches, dry needles, exactly what you need to build a fire. 

Have a look at your log home. If it is made using large timbers or logs, as most log homes contain, your home has good fire resistance ability.

MYTH # 5: Anyone Can Build or Restore a Log Home:

Anyone can TRY to build or restore a log home, but we recommend that you don’t. A log home expert with many years of experience will give you the results you are looking for.

You need to work with the specialist. Log structures are unique and therefore call for certain skills and experience. Maybe the conventional contractor misses out on important things. 

MYTH # 6: Log Homes are Prone to Mold Problems:

Well, all surfaces are vulnerable to mold issues. Thanks to the presence of moisture. Drippy rooflines, backsplash, and shady Well, most surfaces are vulnerable to mold issues. Thanks to the presence of moisture. Drippy rooflines, backsplash, and shady trees can promote mold growth. Make sure to take note of the north side of the home, as it will get the least amount of sunlight, making it damp for longer after a rainfall. 

MYTH # 7: Insect Problems are Inevitable in Log Homes:

Sure, log homes are prone to several insect problems. But it is equally true that the industry has come a long way over the last 10-15 years. Today’s homeowners don’t need to struggle with the termite issues of the past, thanks to natural minerals like borate that protect your woods from the bugs. 

MYTH # 8: All Log Stains are Same:

This is sim

This is simply not true. Each stain brand comes with its formulations and system. 

However, make sure to educate yourself on all the products available and try to pick what will work best for your situation, and ask your log home producer for the right stain. The type of wood, the age of the home, and the weather condition are important factors to be taken into account. 

MYTH # 9: Good Stain is Only Available at the Local Hardware Store:

Attractive prices and convenience can be encouraging to buy stains at a local hardware store, but it could involve an unseen cost. For maximum, long-term performance, log homes need particular stains that contain additives not typically found in the ones being available at your local hardware store. It makes sense to choose a log home supply store or search online stores specializing in log home stains, we recommend Timeless Wood Care Products.

MYTH # 10: Living in Dry Area means You Need Less Staining:

A log home stain offers protection against moisture and UV rays. Dry areas might not cause moisture, but they expose a log house to the sun which leads to wood degradation. 

Stains contain the pigment to help prevent this damage.

MYTH # 11: It Takes More Time to Build Log Homes than a Conventional Home:

When handled by a knowledgeable contractor, your log house can be constructed with fewer steps. For example, with the installation of a single wall, you build up the interior walls and the structural side of the home at the same time.  

The construction of the conventional house, on the other hand, requires many more steps. You need to build the stud frames, apply the siding, install the insulation, and attach the drywall. 

So these are some misconceptions about log homes you shouldn’t believe anymore. Doing a little bit of research will help you bust the log home maintenence myths you might have. And it will help you enjoy living in a log home much more. 

What do you think? Let us know by commenting below! 

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