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Our house has white vynal, plastic siding can I nail half logs or logs over the vynal siding without taking the siding off? I'm afraid if I take the...
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Our log house is 35 years old could we stucco over the logs? I had Home Depot out to look into siding and they said they could not because...
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I was wondering if it was possible to finish a basement with log and chinking look when you have the walls studded and insulated?
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I have a 40 year old Panabode with water damage and rot in one corner. The rot affects the bottom three logs and extends a maximum of one foot...
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I have a log home that was built in 1988. The first floor is a true log home and the second floor is actually stick built and has log...
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I have a cedar log home. I want to give it a brand new look that will not be too big a job and still be easy on the...
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Can log siding be installed over stucco? How much, ball park, would it cost to install log siding in this situation, per square? Thanks!
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My 6 1/4'' log home was built in 1984. During the 1990's we were told to paint the logs with a special paint. This proved to be the biggest...
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Should I treat the notches of my log cabin? If yes, with what? Thank you for your help.
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I have a home that was sided with 3x10 pine half log siding 7 years ago. I am seeing alot of logs that are turning black and have tried...
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