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Hello. Great informative site! I just purchased property that has a pre-1840's log home on it. It is in great shape considering, but does need some maintenance and repair....
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The logs on my home are in good shape and to keep in good shape, what type of maintainence routine should I be following. I would like to do...
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We are in the planning on installing pine tongue and groove inside our existing brick home. It will be put on over the existing sheetrock. My wife doesn't want...
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We are power washing the outside logs and a white streaking is showing on the logs. When we power wash we see a foaming white stuff. Any ideas?
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I have a log home. When painting the walls, the previous owners got paint on the logs inside. Is there anyway to remove this from the wood without ruining...
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I live in a 28 year old brick home in Eastern NC with pine framing for the doors. The stoop of one door has been oozing sap in the...
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How do you remove tannin stains from log homes? We have been told that is why our logs are turning black.
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I recently purchased a log home here in Northern Michigan. I absolutely love it! But how do I winterize the roof? The home is 25 years old and I...
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