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We have an oak log home built in 1984 and the old mortar is cracking and falling out. Couple of questions. On a budget for my mother, is it ok to stuff news paper in the cracks and chink over that? What brand of chink should I purchase? Perma chink ? Also the logs have never been stained, what stain should I buy and how should I clean the logs before the stain? Thanks!

Call Dave at 800-564-2987 for help and the materials you will need. I wouldn’t recommend the newspaper trick. Buy some Grip Strip foam from Dave to use. It is not very expensive and repair with Perma Chink. As for the stain would recommend giving it a good bath with Log Wash (Dave) and then apply a couple of coats of Sherwin Williams Woodscapes Solid. Low maintenance and last for 7-10 years if surface is prepared correctly. This stain looks like paint but is still healthy for the logs.

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