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We have a very old log home that is made of axe hewed logs. The log home was orginally an old train depot station that was dismantled and rebuilt many years ago by great uncle and grandfather on the Greenbrier River in Wv. Several years ago (15 years +/- a few years)the logs were painted grey to imitate original look. Of course this did not give the expected results. Researching recently that painting was a bad idea. My question is cob blasting the best solution to returning the logs to or

Yes, either corn cob blasting or glass blasting to remove the paint. Crushed glass might be the better choice for this. You should then apply a coat of Shell-Guard borate per label and then allow to age naturally. Any chinking issues should be addressed as well. If there is mortar chinking you should consider having latex chinking installed. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for help and estimates with these issues.

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