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We have a 12 year old hand peeled log home. The front of the house gets a lot of sun and has many small checks in most of the logs. We have used Conceal to take care of the large checks, but what can we do about all of the other checks that have formed? Someone recommended sealing them with the conceal as well, but this gives it a ”plastic” look. Any suggestions?

You should never fill any of them unless they are allowing wind, water or bugs to enter the interior of the home. If you do fill them they will need to be inspected 3-4 times per year for failure. They will dry out and form a hairline crack between the wood and caulk allowing water to seep down in them, but they will not be able to dry out fast enough causing log rot. The best thing you can do is squeeze a little Shell Guard Borate treatment from Perma Chink into each check once a year.

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