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A few rooms (interior) in my full round log home are stained dark. The previous owner never sanded them, just stained them as far as I can tell. We have used a hand help sander and it will bring it to its natural color and we have the stain to match it up to the rest of the house. Is there a way to do this without sanding the logs? Very slow process!!
Thank you!! Love the website!!

Sanding is really the only good way. You could start with a side grinder and 5” disc, 50 grit, to take the initial surface off. Be careful, since this set up spins at 6000 rpm it can bite you in tight corners! Be sure to keep the side handle on whenever you can.

You will then have to go over it with a palm sander, 40 or 50 grit to get the swirl marks out.

All of these items can be purchased at your local Home Depot.

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