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I have an 11 year old log home with Permachink chinking. There are numerous cracks and pull-apart holes in the chinking. One repair service says we should rip everything out, replace the styrofoam backer and re-chink. Another says that’s crazy, that all we need is a heavy coat of Permachink chink paint to fill and seal the cracks. What do you think? Will the chink paint or additional Permachink adhere to the old chinking? Thanks for your help.

In answer to one of your questions,new chinkwould stick to the old chink just fine. You have two options in my opinion. You good completely rechink the whole house, but I would not take out the old, just a nice, even thin coat over the old will reseal the house more than adequately. The second option would be to go around the house and repair the breaks and pulls in the chink. More than likely it will not match very well. You could stain the whole house and hide this mismatch somewhat. I’m not a big fan of the chink paint. It is very hard to work with, and I don’t believe that the chink paint will give you the protection from the weather that you need.

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