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Have red pine 1/2 log siding with sikkens one coat process on it….now sikkens says i can not go over it and need to strip off the old to apply with their new log and siding product…what type of company would sell you a high end product that you can not go over the top of to freshen up its worn down finish…what can i do? or do i bite the bullet and pay someone to media blast the sikkens poor quality product from the siding

It sounds like you put Sikkens SRD on the first time. I would not recommend putting the Log & Siding over it also since they both have a unique look. Never liked the SRD since it always looked ”pasty” to me. If you are going to strip it I would push you towards a good quality latex stain made for log homes like Life Line. Call Dave at Timeless Wood Care Products 800-564-2987. He sells both Sikkens and Life Line along with several other log home stains. He should be able to advise and have the materials you need. If you need a quote for media blasting call Mike at 866-670-3020.

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