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We have a New England Log Home. We have redone all the interior logs by a lot of hard work and it is now stained with a finish and is beautiful.We have one exterior wall over the deck area that has been in bad shape. We have scrubbed and sanded, etc. At various times caulk was put in some of the logs. Jammed in to keep water out, etc. I want to put new caulk over top of what is in there. Would that be o.k.? There is room in front for more caulk.

If you are talking about filling the checks (cracks) in the logs stop now and remove what is there. New England Log Homes are very susceptible to rot due to their design. If you are thinking of caulking between the logs, then it depends on how rough the existing caulk is whether to remove it or not. Just so that you can get a good bond with the log surface with each line.

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