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We just built a stick built home with log siding exterior. We heard sikkens is the best, is that true? Also, we need to spray on a solution for the boring bees, what is the best to use before we stain ? Thank You.

My opinion is to use a latex stain like Life Line from Perma Chink.Not a big fan of oil based stains on logs.All most all products for log homes area acrylic latex base.You get a better chemical adhesion using the same.
There is no ”solution” to spray that will stop Carpenter Bees. I think you are talking about borate. They do not digest the wood fiber but instead bore in the wood, fill their bellies, and then regurgitate it all over the side of your house. Borate is good for log rot and boring beetles like Powder Post Beetle. Get a Bee Kit at www.timelesswoodcare.com to help ”slow down” the carpenter bees. It is a never ending battle unfortunately.

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