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We own a log home building which was a kit from Northeast Log Homes (pine?). The building has not been stained for 7-8 years since it was new. The different weather exposures have weathered the building unevenly. What is the recommended cleaning, treating, staining and caulking procedure in a step by step process to restore the exterior? There is no evident rot so it is simply a maintenance procedure we need. Thanks!

You should have the house corn cob blasted to remove the old finish. It then should have a borate treatment applied. I highly recommend you do this since the only time that borate can be applied is when the wood is bare. It helps stop log rot and helps keep wood boring bugs from entering the logs. Caulking is next to seal up all openings in the logs thatcould allow wind, wateror bugs to enter the interior of the home. And finally a good stain and clear coat. We prefere to use Perma Chink products. You can obtain them from Timeless Wood Care Products at 800-564-2987.

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