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We are considering the purchase of a hand hewn log home built in 1976. I’d like to know what I should do to check it out properly, what kind of maintenance will be required over time, and how are log homes in terms of insulation. Also, the wife would like to know if it’s ok to hang pictures into the wood. I figure…. why not?

Log homes do require a little extra attention, but if you keep up on the maintenance it can be a lot easier. Before you buy you should take a hammer and walk around the house tapping on the logs. Listen for any dull sounds that will indicate rotten logs. You will be able to tell the difference when you find a rotten log. The bottom corners of doors and windows, where logs are close to a deck surface, corners of houseor logs close to dirt are all suspect areas.You will want to inspect breaks in any chinking/caulking and repair.Does the stain look clean, no flaking or fading and have a nice luster?If not it will need attention soon.If you are interested in a log home inspection call Ryan at 877-788-5647 or Mike at 866-670-3020.

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