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We own a 2 story log home with full basement. It was build in 2002, we purchased it in 2012. The center support beam going from the second floor to top is spliting. There are several splits that I measured at 3/4” that stagger up one side of log the entire length. Other logs are also starting to do this. Logs on staircase, logs on 1st floor under this main support log. Who would we even contact to look at if so it can be corrected?Thank you for any advice you can give.

This is very common and normally isn’t a problem. Get a structural engineer to look at them if they are really bothering you. Most architectural firms, lumber yards and steel yards have one on staff.

You should also get a good humidifier installed, preferably one that is mounted right on the furnace, to get that humidity up around 45%-65%.

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