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We are considering purchasing a log home that was built in 2006. However, all of the drywall in the house is buckled and needs to be replaced. The real estate agent says that was because the logs were ”wet” and had not completely settled. I am concerned that there might be more to it than just aesthetics, like a structural problem. Is it normal for the drywall in a newly built log home to warp? What other conditions might be wrong with a home with a conditoin such as this?

Your real estate agent is partly right, the house probably settled like most new log homes do, but the contractor that hung the dry wall did not allow for it when it was installed. It is not so much that the logs were ”wet”, it is just that all log homes settle into place once they are erected. The bigger the logs, the more settling takes place. Some bigger homes need up to a one foot space above windows and doors to settle down.
You should have a licensed home inspector look at it before buying.

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