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Bought Tennessee Log Home five years ago from Dealer/Builder who went bankrupt about a year after I bought home. Noticed house floor and walls vibrated a lot when I had high winds. Finally go TLH to come out. They bored hole in logs and found builder used wrong lag bolts. They used 1/4” x 12 inch nail rather than 1/2 or larger threaded x 15′ lag bolt in the walls. They refuse to honor structual warranty. Is there any way to fix this without tearing down the entire house? Jacking up roof and

You will need to contact a structual engineer who specializes in log homes. You can google this up to find one.Ihave seen people use metal verticle supports at the locations of 2×4 walls. ( where they can be hidden) They will then use bolts or metalthreaded rods holding the walls up.

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