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I am about to aquire a old cabin built in the late 1800’s from doug fir. The homestead is in very poor shape. I plan on tearing it down and rebuilding it on a different location. A few of the old hand hewn logs are rotten, one corner is very bad (around 5 log ends are rotten). Can I replace the rotten ends with other logs that were used as a lean to wall? Is this a project that is way to chalenging for a do-it-your selfer? Also one wall is bowing in about 6 inches. Do you know of a g

As you tear this down mark each log according to there location in the structure. Any rotted logs should be replaced with new full length logs if possible. You can use the lean to logs for log end replacement, they should be a few feet longer than the end piece so that they have proper support. The wall that is leaning should be rebuilt and straightened up with drilled rods into the logs.

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