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I have a Cedar sided house. It was severely weathered, with failed Flood CWF-UV (8 years old) and mold/mildew. We cleaned it with oxygen bleach and powerwashed. Most of the stain is gone, but the wood is fuzzed. 2 questions….how do i best remove the fuzz, and can i wait until Spring to put the stain/sealer onto the exposed wood? I would like to take my time and de-fuzz and prep the house.

Sounds like you really hit it hard with the power washer to fuzz it like that. It would be best to let it sit for the winter to dry out now. You can start sanding the fuzz off over the winter. It will need a LIGHT bath in the spring a few days prior to staining to remove any dirt and mold spors that have settled on the wood. I hope you are not putting CWF on again.

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