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Gentlemen, I just purchased a 4 year old cedar log home. The original stain is Sikkins ‘Redwood’. The rails and spindles are weathered out quit a bit. Walls are in good shape. My question is, should I expect the power washing remove ALL of the old Sikkins? I am still seeing a lot of stain still left on the wood. Can/should the old stain be completely removed, or the spots left by the 2500 PSI pressure washing be just stained over with the same Sikkins? I plan on using an Osborn brush to smoot

I am not a fan of removing old stain with a power washer since it hammers so much water into the wood fiber. You will have to sand the logs after to remove any fuzz or remaining stain. You need to allow the wood to dry out a good long time before staining again.

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