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We live in Southern Utah, at the North edge of the Mojave, where humidity is typically under 20% and in the summer it’s closer to 10%. There’s rarely snow on the ground, our summer highs can top 110’f. Our milled log, ‘D’log cabin was built in 2007 and stained within a couple of months. The logs came with a certificate showing they were dried to 8-10% and are Douglas fir/white fir. We sealed it by brushing the oil based stain on in a circular motion, then rubbed the oil based Behr wood stai

Even though they say the lumber was dried to a certain percent, it will draw moisture from the air when removed from kiln. You need to remove the oil based stain and get a good quality latex stain on it. Life Line is my choice. Stay away from the big box store stain. Also do not use any plant oil based stains (linseed, sunflower, etc).

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