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We are thinking of purchasing and existing log home that was built in 1977. The owner has maintained it beautifully, stains it every 2 3 yrs.
We don’t know anything about log homes. Heard about insects, mold, carpenter bees, etc lots of problems could happen. We have not spoke to owner only realtor. We are in our 70’s and don’t want to make a mistake on purchasing a problem. We assume the settling and any leakage, cracks, etc would have shown up as it’s 36 yrs old. My question is how much m

First thing to keep in mind is that you should be able to budget $1.50 per sq ft of living space / per year to keep it professionally maintained. Here are some tips to look for:

Log home Inspection Tips:

1) Starting with the foundation; look for structural defects
such as settling, shifting or cracks.

2) Using a hammer, gently tap on the entire length of each log. Hollow sounding areas will alert you to possible interior decay. Use a small knife or tap a nail into the log to check soft areas to determine the depth of the decay.

3) Other areas of the log walls that are susceptible to possible deterioration would include the window and door sills – and any other areas that are regularly saturated by rainwater runoff or backsplash, decks, bottom corners of windows and doors, log ends sticking out past overhangs.

4) Look for signs of insect infestation such as exit holes, mud tunnels or a sawdust-like powder. These infected areas allow water infiltration directly into the center of the log. This will result in log rot starting from the middle.

5) Are rain gutters and downspouts properly installed, clean from debris, and in working condition? The best way to check this is during a rainstorm.

6) All shrubs near the home should be watered with a drip system – not spray. Plants should be located outside the roof drip line to avoid moisture buildup on logs.
In addition, a water sprinkler system should be adjusted to avoid spraying the walls.

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