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having my log home stained the guy from the log home place came out , pressure washed the home with log wash but was a little harsh on the wood and feathered it he has cauked between each log joint and now has begun the staining with sikens , but the stain in places has bubbles and you can see where he ruffled up the wood on some of the logs, he made me a quote of $5000 to do the work and is tring to go up on the price now , i have given him 2500 already he has been in the log home business for

Power washers are cancer to a log home. If he hit it that hard to feather it up it is probably too wet to stain already, especially with an oil based stain like Sikkens. That may be what’s causing the bubbles. Dry logs are happy logs. You sure this guy knows what he’s doing? That is an extremely cheap bid for that much work and those products. Call Dave at 800-564-2987 for more help.

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