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We have a log cabin. In 2003 put two coats of Waterlox Original and two of Waterlox Marine on the exterior. It is now weathered and stained, but little to no pealing has occurred even though winters are extreme and elevation is high. Due to the now extreme cost of Waterlox or similar products, we have decided to paint instead. Powerwashing beforehand has been recommended but we are remote and have no on-site source of water underpressure or even a stream. All gloss is gone from the varnish

I would not recommend ”power washing” any way. You can hand wash it with shipped in water to clean the dirt and spores off. You should stain with the same product or compatible. If not, you should have it media blasted (corn or glasss) and then apply new stain. DO NOT use paint. It will promote surface rot over time.

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