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we have just cleaned a pine log home with 1×8 t&g pine porch ceilings and there are lots of white spots in the ceiling boards and trim. Also on the logs there are white streaks or runs. we cleaned from bottom up with 4w to 1 water and bleach like normal. Then pressure washed. what is the spotting and streaking from. the spots are behind the old finish. thanks

Bleach is old school and is a no-no on wood. If you do need to use bleach for mold clean up 1 cup in 5 gallons of water is plenty. It sounds like you didn’t get the wood wet enough first before you applied the bleach and caused streaking. You may have to sand to get it out at this point. There are some commercial log cleaners that may work. Call Timeless Wood Care at 800-564-2987 for help.

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