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The upper curavture of the logs on the south side of my home are becoming very dark. Is there a way to lighten without blasting? I used Defy stain (Teton Bronze). How can I tell if the color is due to mold or the sun? I know you are not a fan of powerwashing logs, so what do you recommend to remove dust and pollen? I can e-mail pictures if that would help. Thanks you for your advice.

You can wash, but use Log Wash and put on with a low pressure nozzle. Scrub with a soft brush and then use a high power nozzle, but stay back so that you are just misting the logs clean. Sounds like it may need a little more than a wash though. You may have to try and sand the tops of the logs and then blend in with new stain. Very hard to do and have look good. Not a fan of Defy stain either.

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