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I bought a log home and needs to be restained. I also have some logs that have rotten in the front under the front stairs. Some other logs sound hollow and I dont know if they need to be replaced because they look good. My questions are, what type of stain from sherwin williams would you reccomend, whats the average cost of replacing a log, and would a hollow sounding log need to be replaced if it looks ok or is there something else i can do to it.

If they sound hollow you should get them replaced. Eventually they will rot all the way through and will be more costly to replace. There is really no set ”per foot price” to have logs replaced. Call Ryan at 877-788-5647 for a rough estimate if you know how many feet of bad logs there are.
The only Sherwin Williams stain we use is the Woodscapes Latex Solid. It looks like paint, but is stain and allows the logs to breathe. This stain is best used if you want to cover the logs so that you cannot see the wood grain like a good semi-transparent stain does. You will still need to properly prep the surface before you stain if you want it to last. If you want to go the route of semi-transparent, we recommend Life Line from Perma Chink. The semi-transparent stain requires more maintenance than the solid stain does. For more help go to www.timelesswoodcare.com or call 800-564-2987.

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