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We have a 22 yr old log home. The previous owners stained it with SW Exterior Alkyd Wood Preservative, but the color is too dark for our tastes. It’s overdue for a staining, wearing thin in some areas. Corn-blasting seems to be fairly expensive, so we’re considering going with a lighter-colored solid stain for now. What type of stain should I use to go over the old stain? Also do I need to use a borate preservative or similar product when re-staining? Thanks!

You cannot apply a borate and have it work unless you remove the old stain back to bare wood. Just wasting your money otherwise. You could use a solid color stain that is lighter, but it looks like paint. If you want transparent colors you will have to step up and get it stripped. DO NOT powerwash or you will be back in the same boat within a couple of years.

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