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I am purchasing a 30 year old cedar home, the home has not been stained in several years it has various stages of wood color I would like to keep the cedar stain color without looking ”patchwork” due to the various stages in wood is in. I am a single mom and can not afford expensive contract repair work to bring the wood to its natural stage. I was told to use Woodguard by one painter in a Tawney or Pecan color even with blackening spots, and woodscapes acrylic color stain by another because the

Woodguard fades fairly fast in my opinion. If you have black mold spots and they are under the stain coat, it will continue to break down the surface and peel or crack. It really should be stripped if that is the case.
The least expensive, last the longest way would be to wash with Perma Chink Log Wash and then apply a solid color Sherwin Williams Woodscapes stain. It will hold up the longest, but you cannot see the wood grain thru it. This will give an even color that is not patchy also.

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