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Our new cypress log home has been up for about 2 months. We have not cleaned the logs yet with the bleach/tsp solution. We were told to wait 6 mths before staining the logs to allow them to dry – would this be 6 mths after installing the logs, or after washing them? Thanks for your help, love the site!

I would say 6 months from installation to stain. Be carefull not to use too much bleach.1 cup to 4 or 5 gallons of water is plenty. You only want enough to kill the mold spores on the wood. If you use to much it is very hard to rinse off and will not allow your stain to adhere to the wood fiber. Also, the washing should be done 2-7 days before staining, depending on the weather, to allow the wood to dry completly.

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