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I hired a painter to stain the exterior of my cedar manufactured log home. (flat logs about 31/2 ” thick.) He hit it first with a pressure washer & the carpet is now wet along all exterior wall areas. some of the water migrating a foot or two in to the carpet & pad. We are now pulling all the carpet back to but fans on it but don’t really know if this is going to save the carpet. Should have he known this might happen & is this a normal occurrence? We live in snow country & have never experienc

This is just one of the reasons I always say to NEVER power wash a log home. Leaking is one of the biggest complaints I hear, but it also drives the water so deep into the wood fiber of the logs that it will never really dry out properly and the moisture gets sealed into the logs with the new stain causing peeling and black mold to start growing under the new stain over time. If the finish is so bad that it needs to be removed a dry process like media blasting or sanding should be used. A normal painter normally does not know how to treat a log home correctly.

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