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I have an old farm house my dad built in 1940 that is 100% toung and groove pine throughout the interior. What would be the best way to bring the wood walls back to a lighter patina. It has darkened with age and dirt and also does not smell fresh. I know it is not a log home, but think that log home interior methods may work. Thanks!

It will need to be sanded with an orbital sander. Start with a 40 grit disc and then go back over lightly with a 60 or 80 grit. You don’t want it glass smooth or the new finish will not adhere properly. You will also need a square palm sander to get in the corners (this may require some hand sanding as well).

Call Dave at Timeless Wood Care Products (800-564-2987) for the proper finish to apply. You will want to put some sort of finish on to seal the wood grain so the dust and dirt do not get into it again. Also, add a UV booster to try and slow down the darkening of the wood from sunlight coming through the windows.

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