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I hope you can help me we have tried everything! We own a modular home. It looks like a log cabin.. We have tried to clean the exterior it looks it has mold it is an ugly brown. We clean it with clorox and then use a seal but it doesnt help Can you tell me how to clean and seal the siding. If you want to see pictures I know only how to do it by text. I really NEED YOUR HELP! I have tried everything our home stores have told us to do it dont work so the exterior of our house keeps getting wo

First put the bleach away! Bleach is not good for the wood fiber and will cause trouble with any new stain. You will need to sand the logs all back to a good clean surface using a 40 grit disc. Only apply a latex stain made for log homes like Life Line. Call Dave at 800-564-2987 for more help.

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