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we have a small pine board and batten cabin in NY, which is still in progress. We installed our board and batten in the fall, and plan to apply a wood preservative in the late spring, or as soon as weather and temperatures permit. What would be the best finish to use…that will last the longest, while maintaining as much of the natural wood look as possible? I realize that the wood will darken somewhat with the finish…but a natural tan, rather than a yellowy/orange is what we’re looking for.

If the boards are smooth you should sand them lightly to remove any mill glaze which will help prevent peeling. If they are rough sawn, you should give them a light wash with Log Wash to remove any dust, dirt and pollen that has settled on them. Allow to dry for a day or two and then apply a coat of borate before staining. As for the stain either Life Line which is a latex product or Sikkens Log & Siding which is an oil based product. I would stay away from the Sikkens if they boards are smooth. Both products have an array of colors in the light brown/tan. The darker the stain you use and can enjoy, the better it will hold up normally. Call 800-564-2987 for more help and products that you will need.

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