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We live in very old log home. It has been built onto. the outside wall is now in the added on living room. There is a lot of air coming in through the ends of log. Seems as though holes in log open to outside. What is the best solution to sealing those. We rent so want an inexpensive solution. Were thinking stuff with steel wool and use a caulk close to color of log or chinking. What do you think?

The steel wool would be fine, but you should use a good quality log home caulk or chink so that it doesn’t break loose. Call Timeless Wood Care Products (800-564-2987)to get the caulk or chink. You can buy it by the 11 oz. tube that goes in a standard caulk gun. Mist with a spray bottle and water then trowel into place with the back of a spoon or putty knife.

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