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I have a cedar log home that is 17 yrs old, i heard wood bores in my bedroom wall in Feb, i thought it was to early for Carpenter bee’s but i did find a fresh Carpenter Bee hole 5- 10 ft from the area i heard the chewing. I have used CWF since day 1 and really cant afford to blast the house. I have already pressure washed the house and getting ready to apply the penetrate prior to resealing. Thoughts on the wood bores vs the carpenter bee’s in Feb? (the noise stopped afte two monthes and ther

It might be the Carpenter Bee larvi, but I doubt it. More than likely it is Powder Posts Beetles larvi.Not sure where you are, but it could also be Old House Bore. At the very least you should apply some borate to the effected areas if it will penetrate thru any left over CWF.
PS I would recommend some other product than CWF.

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