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WE have a pan abode red cedar log home. We are the origial owners and builders. We built it in 1985. We used the stain recomended by pan abode (BEHR) for the exterior which consequently mildewed and made logs sticky. Interior is great.We want to refinish (clean/strip & ”paint” the exterior. What procedure and company should we go with? Could we do this ourselves? ( We have a power washer. (PA website says to use a specific stripper) When should we do it . We live in NH (northeast) it is July now

Sorry it took so long. There has been a lot of problems with this product. It normally turns very black and sticky. I’m not sure if powerwashing alone will take it off. Maybe try applying a stripper first and then powerwashing. Be sure to let it dry for 3-4 weeks before staining. DO NOT use paint.

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