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I have a 12 yo log home that we built. The interior logs are stained but do not appear sealed.(they feel like raw wood) The dust situation is becoming CRAZY inside the house. How do I best clean the interior logs and then can you recommend a sealer of some type? Also, is there any kind of general maintenance schedule for log homes regarding staining, treating for pests etc? THANKS!!

On the interior it sounds like you need to Osborne brush the logs to clean and smooth then apply a coat or two of interior stain then a top coat.
On the exterior the stain should have some sort of maintenance every 3 years. Pest can either be dealt with by having a exterminator spray regularly. If you have boring bugs like Powder Post Beetles or Old House Bores it will need to be stripped and treated with a borate, then re-stain. Call Dave at 800-564-2987 for the materials. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for help doing the work.

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