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I have a custom home that has a total log interior (not the exterior) with free span logs and a log framed stair well, etc. The logs have been cracking despite a humidifier. The logs still look good but the cracks are beginning to scar me. The logs were kennel dried and shipped to Missouri from Colorado. Do you have any suggestions? How would you go about repairing the cracks if it became necessary? Thank you

Kiln dried logs will still check (crack) like you are experiencing. Once they are removed from the kiln they draw moisture back from the air fairly quickly and then still check as they dry. The checks are not an issue really except they can look bad. Since it is on the interior you can fill them with backer and Energy Seal, but I would wait for the logs to completely dry out. And buy the way, you are one in a million that put the half logs on the inside where you can enjoy them and not have the maintenance on the outside. I see it the opposite all of the time where the logs are outside and you cannot see them unless you are standing out in the yard. Kudos’s!!!

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