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We just took delivery of a new white pine hand-crafted log home. The first three courses of the home sustained some significant UV graying during early fall when we had 5 weeks steady rain during the build. Courses laid later look great, but the difference between these and the bottom 3 courses is stark on the sun exposed areas. The builder bleached all before delivery and then applied TimberTech – to stabilize the logs until spring staining. The bleach really did very little to remove the g

You should never put bleach on logs unless it is diluted about 100 to 1. It will not lighten the wood. TSP works better for this. If you have ever had bleach on your hands you know how hard it is to rinse off. It is the same on wood, it will not allow the stain adhere to the wood fiber. You should sand these logs with grinders in the spring before staining. Call Mike at 866-670-3020 for more help.

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